Professional Eye Care Services in Wadhurst

Crowborough Opticians is the go-to optometry clinic for Wadhurst residents. Our location is only a short distance away from the town of Wadhurst and we provide a range of optometric services for people of all ages.

Eye Tests

With over 47 years of experience, we provide our clients with the professional eye care they deserve. Before we recommend any frame or lens, we perform comprehensive eye examinations. This way, we ensure you get the proper prescription glasses — a pair that can address astigmatism, refractive errors or any vision problems you may have.

Children’s Eye Tests

Over a million school-aged children in England experience vision problems. When left undiagnosed, these vision issues could impact a child’s educational and social development. At Crowborough Opticians, we perform eye check-ups for children three years old and above.

Low Vision Clinic

Every day at our clinic, we help clients with low vision regain their independence. With our frames, lenses and other visual aids, clients get to enjoy reading books and watching the telly again. Before prescribing anything, we give our clients a professional eye exam and discuss all their visual aid options.

Home Visits

We go to great lengths to serve our clients, especially the elderly and those with mobility limitations. We can even bring our clinic to your Wadhurst residence. We take our eye test instruments with us, as well as hundreds of frames, to give you a selection of glasses that suit your preference. We give you an eye test and prescription in the comfort of your home.

When things are unclear, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Crowborough Opticians is all about eye care. Trust us to help you understand your eyes’ needs and make your life brighter.

Visit our clinic or contact us today to schedule a home visit.