Personal Eye Care Services

Crowborough Opticians proudly brings to Uckfield our 47 years of combined expertise. Our extensive background allows us to cater to groups of all ages. Whether you are suffering from low vision or want to prevent eyesight problems for your children, we can help.

Eye Exams

At Crowborough Opticians, we are dedicated to providing the eye care that is right for you. With our high-tech equipment and seasoned optometrists, we give the residents of Uckfield comprehensive eye tests. We test your eyes for colour blindness, refractive errors and more.

Children’s Eye Tests

Children with undiagnosed vision problems find it hard to perform well in school and are often clumsy. Detecting sight problems at an early age gives your child the chance to enjoy better eyesight and prevent reduced vision. We are experienced at putting children at ease and can test children as young as 3.

Low Vision Clinic

Our low vision clinic aims to help clients maximise their vision and increase their confidence and independence. We give clients a comprehensive assessment and determine what they would like to achieve. From here, we recommend visual aids that can help them read signs and bus numbers, read the small print on medicine labels and improve their mobility.

Home Visits 

We understand that many of our clients are afflicted by mobility issues, making it hard for them to leave their home and come to our clinic. That is why we bring to clients’ homes our eye examination equipment and over 200 frames. Simply ask for this service, and we will render service to you in the comfort of your home.

At Crowborough Opticians, our service is marked by our personal care for all our clients. We are dedicated to offering the best services and aim to help clients understand their eyes. We want our clients to understand their options to make informed decisions.

For healthier eyes, contact your Uckfield opticians – Crowborough Opticians.