Unparalleled Eye Care

Although based in Crowborough, we’re also known as reliable opticians to the people of Tonbridge. We bring to the town of Tonbridge our wealth of knowledge as well as our unparalleled level of personal care.

As a client-centred practice, we make sure that our clients are at ease and happy from their first contact with us to when they leave our clinic. We also make sure that our clients understand our services and the needs of their eyes. With over 47 years of combined experience, we cater for the needs of all age groups and offer a comprehensive range of eye care services.

Eye Tests

At Crowborough Optician, we offer thorough eye examinations to ensure that you get the best care possible. We take time to make sure that we provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Our optometrists check clients’ eyes for refractive errors, colour blindness and more.

Children’s Eye Tests

Many children suffer from vision problems and go for years undiagnosed. Our optometrists can check your children’s eyes annually to correct any eyesight issues before they lead to reduced vision. Our optometrists are trained to diagnose children and are great at dealing with kids of all ages.

Low Vision Clinic

Our low vision clinic helps clients achieve the quality of life they deserve. With our visual aids, you can read signs and bus numbers, watch TV and move around your home more independently. Contact us today for an examination, and we’ll help you maximise your vision.

Home Visits  

At Crowborough Optician, we are proud to be the only optician on the high street who offers home visits. If you have mobility issues, we can come to you. Simply book an appointment with us, and we’ll bring to your home our eye examination tools and over 200 frames for you to choose from.

Let Tonbridge’s trusted opticians help you enjoy clear vision. Contact Crowborough Opticians today.