Unmatched Professional Eye Care

Crowborough Opticians brings to Rusthall over 47 years of combined experience. We cater for all age groups and provide unparalleled commitment to our customer’s welfare.

As a client-centred practice, we partner with our clients in achieving optimal eye health. We make sure that our clients understand their eyes’ needs so that they can continue care at home.

Eye Tests

We offer comprehensive eye examinations. To give our clients the best care possible, we do not skimp on time and make sure that we provide an accurate diagnosis. You can come to us to test your eyes for refractive errors, colour blindness and more.

We also offer high-technology eye tests using optical coherence tomography (OCT). This technology allows us to create a 3D replica of your eyes’ retina, enabling us to assess your eyes’ health more accurately.

Children’s Eye Tests

Our team is well trained in examining children as young as three years of age. We can put them at ease and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. By bringing your kids to us annually, we can help detect vision problems and correct them before they lead to reduced vision. Together, we can ensure that your children’s eye health is in optimal condition.

Low Vision Clinic

Our low vision clinic enables clients to live the quality of life they deserve. We provide visual aids that help increase independence and confidence in doing everyday tasks. We give clients a comprehensive assessment and find them aids that can help them read signs and other printed material like medicine labels and more.

Home Visits  

We understand that many of our clients may have mobility problems or other barriers to seeking our help. That is why we take the hassle out of eye care and provide home visits throughout Rusthall. We will bring our testing equipment to your home as well as frames for you to try on.

For unparalleled professional eye care in Rusthall, contact Crowborough Opticians today.