Rotherfield’s Full-service Eye Care Provider

Experience specialist and personal eye care with Crowborough Opticians. We have over 47 years of combined experience and are trained in all areas of vision care. Dedicated to your eye health, we provide a comprehensive range of services and a level of quality and commitment you may not receive at a larger practice.

As an independent, client-centred practice, we ensure that you understand your eye needs and the options available to you. Each of our services utilises the latest in eye care technology, including OCT scanning equipment and retinal photography.

Eye Tests

Our comprehensive eye care service begins with an eye exam, which will allow us to determine if you have astigmatism, farsightedness, near-sightedness, colour blindness or any other vision and eyesight issues.

Children’s Eye Tests

Children can go for years with an undiagnosed vision problem. This can lead to difficulties in learning, mobility, handling objects and other basic skills needed in everyday tasks. Bring in your child for an eye exam to detect possible eye problems and address them immediately. Our optometrists are experienced in catering for children as young as three years old.

Low Vision Clinic

We help you regain your confidence and independence by improving your low vision. Tell us what you wish to achieve and we’ll give you a thorough assessment. From there, we will recommend visual aids that can help you complete everyday tasks that are otherwise challenging.

Home Visits

We can cater for you in the comfort of your own home. Simply book us for a home visit and one of our optometrists will personally visit in Rotherfield with a complete range of equipment. We also bring with us over 200 frames for you to try on.

Enjoy better eyesight and a better quality of life. Visit our practice today or give us a call.