Professional Eye Care You Deserve

Crowborough Opticians proudly serves the residents of Maresfield. With over 47 years of combined experience, we’re one of the most trusted opticians in the area. We bring to the village superior expertise and unparalleled dedication to clients’ welfare. We cater for all age groups and provide a comprehensive range of optometric services.

Eye Tests

At Crowborough Opticians, we are dedicated to providing clients with the professional eye care they deserve. We perform comprehensive eye examinations to make sure that our clients get the proper prescription lenses or glasses. You can come to us to test your eyes for astigmatism, near or farsightedness and other visual issues.

Children’s Eye Tests

Numerous children have difficulties at school and in performing basic motor skills because of eye problems. An annual check-up is key to ensuring that your children have optimal optical health. At Crowborough Opticians, we diagnose children as early as three years of age and are experienced at putting them at ease.

Low Vision Clinic

We help clients afflicted with low vision regain their confidence and independence. Our visual aids help them enjoy watching TV as well as enabling them to read signs and medicine descriptions. Prior to prescribing any aid, we give our clients thorough eye exams and discuss with them what they wish to achieve.

Home Visits

Understanding that many of our clients have difficulty with mobility, we bring our professional care to their homes. Wherever you are in Maresfield, we can bring to you our eye examination equipment and over 200 frames for you to choose from. Just book an appointment with us, and we will come to you.

At Crowborough Opticians, our clients are at the centre of our services. We want them to achieve optimal vision and help them understand their eyes’ needs.

For better version and professional caring services, contact Maresfield’s trusted opticians today.