Offering you the best lenses from the highest quality companies

Your frames are nothing without the best lenses available to you, which is why we offer the highest quality lenses to ensure your vision is perfect.

Our depth of experience (we’ve got more than 25 years of experience dispensing lenses) has led us to trust SEIKO lenses for our customers.

The benefits of SEIKO lenses:

Thin lenses – SEIKO lenses can be up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, giving you lighter glasses overall.

Progressive lenses – SEIKO offer progressive lenses which adjust at all distances, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Safe lenses – SEIKO have perfected lenses which are lighter and more impact resistant than traditional glass lenses, providing you with peace of mind.

Anti-reflection coating – The majority of SEIKO lenses come with a scratch resistant hard-coating, special anti-reflection coating and easy-to-clean water resistant surface coating.

We put our trust in SEIKO lenses because they’re reliable and perfect for you. So you can rest assured that your lens prescription will be of a first-class quality when you buy from us.

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