Home Visits from Opticians Serving Tonbridge

Home Visits from Opticians Serving Tonbridge

Consult Tonbridge opticians who can competently provide care for your eyes, even if you can’t leave your house. Crowborough Opticians’ dedicated professionals conduct home visits that give your eyes the attention they deserve. We don’t take shortcuts with our examinations; we give you extensive service for your health and peace of mind.

Receive eye care that’s been honed by decades of experience and supported by specialised equipment. If you want to upgrade your eyeglass prescription, check your child’s eyesight or ask for recommendations for visual aids, let our friendly opticians in Tonbridge help.

Explore our services:

Comprehensive Eye Tests

Choose nothing less than thorough eye tests. When Crowborough Opticians visit you, allot between 30 to 40 minutes for the exam because we check your eyes extensively. We’ll also discuss the results with you, so you fully understand your condition and make informed decisions on how to proceed.

We conduct tests using an optical coherence tomography (OCT), which is a type of non-invasive imaging technology, It produces a 3D image of the retina’s layers, allowing us to determine the health of your eyes. You’ll be informed of the presence of abnormalities and have the peace of mind that you can manage them early on.

Eye Tests for Kids

Call opticians who prioritise your child’s comfort. Our Tonbridge professionals create a relaxed and informal environment in your home to put your child at ease. We’ll discuss the results with you and your child, so he or she can understand how to take good care of their eyesight.

Book an appointment with our opticians if you spot signs of poor eyesight, like squinting, headaches or clumsiness. Additionally, bring your child to an eye professional yearly from age three, so you stay on top of their health.

Low Vision Tests

Make the most of your eyesight. Crowborough Opticians helps adults with low vision regain their confidence and independence by recommending suitable visual aids. Our home tests, which includes examining your eye condition, medical treatments and current visual aids, help us figure out the appropriate course of action.

If mobility issues prevent you from visiting us, we’ll pay you a visit. You get the same extensive eye care right from the comfort of your home.

Choose opticians who genuinely care for your eyes. Reach out to our Tonbridge opticians to book a home visit.

Our home visits include:

A friendly service which includes a comprehensive eye examination

At-home retinal photography to ensure your eyes are in good health

A handpicked selection of over 200 frames brought to your home

An informal and pleasant atmosphere

We’re the only high street practice in Crowborough to offer home visits, and we’re proud to give you the service you deserve.

To enjoy professional home visit eye tests, contact us on 01892 458901 or visit us at our practice