Professional Home Eye Tests in Hartfield

Home Visits from Opticians Serving Hartfield

Taking care of your eyes is easy and convenient with the help of Crowborough Opticians’ home visit for eye exams. Our dedicated opticians have conducted many home visits to clients in Hartfield. Our opticians do not take any shortcuts in providing eye tests as they offer an extensive service for their clients’ health and peace of mind. If you have any additional concerns about your eyesight, do not hesitate to let our opticians know.

We provide the following home visit eye tests:

All-inclusive Eye Exams

Our friendly opticians allot 30 to 40 minutes for the eye test to give you a comprehensive diagnosis of the health of your eyes and vision. After the test, they will discuss the results with you in a simple manner and help you make informed decisions on managing your eye health.

We conduct our eye tests using an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine that allows us to make an accurate diagnosis of your eye health. You are in safe hands with our opticians as they have decades of experience in evaluating vision and eye health.

Children’s Eye Tests                             

If you need to have your children’s eyes checked, call us for a hassle-free eye test at home. Our opticians make sure your child is relaxed before starting the eye exam. After conducting the eye test, we will explain the results to you and to your child if they are old enough. We also give tips on how their eyes can be taken care of.

We stock many types of children’s frames from world-renowned brands such as Nike. To improve the vision of your child, contact us to book an appointment.

Low Vision Eye Exams

We also help adults who have poor vision regain their independence and confidence. Our low vision tests at home involve examining your current eye condition and offering a wide range of visual aids. Just let us know what your preferences are and we will help you find the most suitable solution to improve your vision.

Call 01892 458901 to book an appointment.

Our home visits include:

A friendly service which includes a comprehensive eye examination

At-home retinal photography to ensure your eyes are in good health

A handpicked selection of over 200 frames brought to your home

An informal and pleasant atmosphere

We’re the only high street practice in Crowborough to offer home visits, and we’re proud to give you the service you deserve.

To enjoy professional home visit eye tests, contact us on 01892 458901 or visit us at our practice