Janet Reger Designer Glasses

Primarily known for its fashion-forward lingerie designs, the Janet Reger brand is all about glamour and confidence. The brand, now headed by Janet Reger’s daughter Aliza Reger, has brought its seductive style to a line of women’s eyewear. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to carry the Janet Reger glasses collection at Crowborough Opticians.

Ladies’ Eyewear

Janet Reger’s collection of designer glasses redefined prescription frames for ladies by giving women a sexy, smart and glamorous look.  Available in cat-eye, rimless and metal-framed designs, these glasses suit women with different styles. Plus, the collection’s fancy touches, such as pastel tones and Swarovski crystal embellishments, will charm the ladies.

Sunglasses for Women

With classic, utterly seductive styles, Janet Reger sunglasses look like they’ve come straight out of an Audrey Hepburn movie. These sunglasses feature the glamorous touches that always make Janet Reger unique. The brand puts quality at the heart of everything it does. These glasses are made from resilient materials and are specifically designed for the modern women who are always on the go.

Select the Perfect Janet Reger Frame for You

With a wide selection of Janet Reger frames, you may find it difficult to choose one. Don’t worry, as we’re here to help. With almost fifty decades of industry experience, we will help you select the Janet Reger frame that best suits your face and your lifestyle.  We have a range of lenses, as well, that go perfectly with your new Janet Reger frame.

We Bring Janet Reger Glasses to You

For elderly clients and those with mobility difficulties, we’re more than happy to provide a home visit. We will bring our instruments to your home for an eye examination and our Janet Reger frame selection so you can choose the pair you want.

Contact us today for a home visit or drop by our clinic to see the latest Janet Reger eyewear.