Personal and Professional Eye Care

We proudly bring our wealth of knowledge and 47 years of combined expertise to clients in East Grinstead. Crowborough Opticians is a team of trained vision care experts who are dedicated to your eye health. Our practice provides a wide range of eye care services with unparalleled quality and commitment.

Eye Tests      

At Crowborough Opticians, we are determined to give you the eye care that best suits your needs. Every eye care service begins with an eye test. Our seasoned optometrists use high-tech equipment for all our eye exams to test for vision impairments, refractive errors, colour blindness and other eyesight issues.

Children’s Eye Exams

It is often difficult to spot vision problems in children. Undiagnosed sight concerns may affect performance in school and other social aspects of a child’s life. Detecting these issues early on gives your child the chance to enjoy better eyesight. Our team of opticians have experience in dealing with children as young as 3 years old, making sure they receive eye care in a safe and welcoming environment.

Low Vision Clinic

Our low vision practice aims to help you increase your confidence in your vision. After a comprehensive assessment, we determine the perfect eye care solution for you. From a wide range of visual aids, we’ll prescribe a suitable option that lets you read small prints and street signs.

Home Visits

If you want an assessment in the comfort of your own home, Crowborough Opticians offers home visits. Our optometrists will visit your home in East Grinstead and bring with them our eye care equipment as well as a range of eyewear frames for you to try on. Simply book us for a home visit and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Let Crowborough Opticians help you with your eye health. Feel free to drop by our clinic or talk to us today.