Children’s Eye Tests

Around one million children in the UK have an undiagnosed vision problem. Don’t let your child be one of them

If a child has a problem with their sight which isn’t addressed by age seven or eight, they could suffer from reduced vision for the rest of their life.

That’s why we recommend that your child has their eyes tested at three years of age, then once every year after that. This will allow us to be proactive should any sight problems arise, and to get your child into the healthy habit of visiting your local opticians regularly.

Early detection means early prevention, so watch out for these signs of poor sight in your child:


Poor performance

Sitting closer to the television screen


Our clinic is open to children from Crowborough and all surrounding areas, including Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Mayfield, Heathfield and further afield.


Regular headaches

Frequent rubbing of the eyes

Behavioural problems

Our children’s eye examinations are designed to be informal and friendly, placing them in a relaxed environment and putting them at ease.

Your child is entitled to free NHS-funded eye assessments, and we’re proud to stock frames which will suit almost any budget.

Our children’s frames include:

Nike – the world renowned sporting brand will provide you with durable frames for children, in a huge variety of styles.

Fan Frames – for the football fanatic in your life, these frames can offer 10 team designs which are sure to get your kid noticed on the terraces.

OMG! – exciting, unique designs, for a fun pair of glasses for your child.

Poor eyesight can have a dramatic effect on your child’s education, so make sure you come to us for your next appointment.

For children’s eye care with a difference, contact us on 01892 458901 or visit our practice